Huge thank you to Sensei Fred Pilgrim who came down and took the class for a 2 hour lesson in Judo.  The students enjoyed the class and the chance to do something a little bit different. We like to celebrate the similarities in different styles of martial arts, rather than the differences. We look forward to having Sensei Fred back next year, along with some other guest instructors.

Guest Instructor : Fred Pilgrim

5th December 2015

Next Grading

Februay 2017

The students that are ready will be going for their grading. Don't worry if you are not ready as we hold regular gradings because we all learn at a different pace.

Fitness challenge winners 2015

Blue Coat

After a tie breaker at 5 - 5 the blue coat won the series

Congratulations and well done to both teams over the year.

This is now the 2nd year the Blue coat have won, can they make it 3 in a row or can St lukes pull one back?!

MSC awards 2015

Awards and winners

Well done to all our students this year. There was a very high standard and difficult to pick winners..

Future Champion award - Babo Habiballa.

Cadet Instructor level 3 awards - Elliot Taylor, Katie Globe & Callum Jones.

Grappling tournament winner - Lydia Hazlett.

Students choice award - Nathan Elliott.

Students choice award - Elliot Taylor.

Most dedicated student - Jamie Davies.

Student of the year - Callum Jones

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Highlighted Video:

Student Kaitlin Lee defends against 2 attackers

Next competition:


World Martial Arts

M.S.C is proud to be part of the WMA team. Each year this event is growing and growing. I am sure over this two day event, there will be a welcomed return from some clubs we have seen in the past as well as some new ones!

St Lukes


Blue Coat


A team will get 1 point for completing the challenge the quickest. At the end of the season (December 2016) the team with the most points will be crowned the champions.

Fitness Challenge

Our classes go head to head.

Each month we set a fitness challenge to our classes. A set of 10 different exercises are chosen and each class competes to see who can complete them in the quickest time. See the results below.

Student of the month award

Each month the instructors pick a student that has particularly shown good skill or effort in their training. Check out our facebook page/group for last months winner!


All the latest news and events.

Check out our facebook page and group for even more up to date information on events, competitions and awards.